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artemis_fowl's Journal

Artemis Fowl Worship
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one morning i woke. and i said to myself, "myself! today is the day you will join an artemis fowl community!" i was just twittering with joy at the prospect.
and so i went to the computer.
and i wept.
because there was no artemis fowl community, but there's one about the joys of cheese and hating some random guy named eric.
and so here we are.

okay ... rules, i suppose there should be. i just hope i don't go mad with power, man.

el rules-o

    1. this is an artemis fowl community. this means .... artemis fowl. feel free to talk about how draco and artemis are alike (or not alike *shrugs*) but this won't be the place for discussing that crazy dream you had last night. that's what your normal journal is for. in fact, i'm not sure anyone wants to hear the crazy dream you had last night, so you might as well chuck the whole idea.

    2. if you think something should have a warning, give us a warning. if you think it should be lj-cut, lj-cut it. i will use this system of self-judgment until something goes horribly awry. at which point, the community will blow up.

    3. no flames. ever. EVER. EVER. not even to save your life, cause if you tell me later that it was to save your life, i will not believe you.

so .. yes. let us continue on our loving artemis fowl ways.
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